Seminar on disturbance of decay on cemeteries

This seminar is designed for cemetery managers and responsibles who are interested in the processes that are starting just after the burial. We will talk about body decay and about the time it needs.

Various factors that are present on a cemetery will be shown and as well those that are normally hidden.

The seminar consists of a theoretic part and as well of a practical one that will take place on a cemetery.
In practice we will have grave-examinations and a grave-opening as well.

In case of incomplete body decay we will discuss the consequences for the cemetery management but as well look for ways of desaster planning.

Date: 7. April 2014
Time: 9:00 am til 4:00 pm
Service: full accomodation incl. lunch
Minimum number of participants: 5
Costs: 650 € per person


In Germany we practice the re-use of graves since centuries. So there are always opportunities for grave-openings. Unfortunately we don´t have complete body decay on all cemeteries, but we can look detailled for reasons and take the chance to do better in future.

The seminar will take place south of Hannover and we will be helping to get hotel accomodation for those who will arrive ahead.

The language will be english.

For registration and further information please contact:

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